Nymphomaniac Tendency No.4: Rough Ride – No Saddle

Meet Chloe, The Blonde Author who shares weekly her most intimate and explicit thoughts and the most private details of her life for her readers, secret admirers, and like-minded nymphomaniacs everywhere.

Through anonymity, I serve to reflect the carnal and primal instincts that resides in all of us. I only offer a glimpse of the vision that plays through the window of my mind's eye. Walk with me...

As a young girl, I grew up in a rural town that was largely a farming community where chickens, horses and cattle were part of the landscape. These images perforate my mind and are seared into memory.

I often imagine myself as a cowgirl sitting atop an awry steer. Adrenaline rushing, with butterflies in my stomach and a heart filled with determination. No fear, only nervous energy that is building, anticipating the beginning of a rough and rugged ride. Moreover, a battle of will's.  I sit willing, ready and able to accept his challenge as I tighten my grip.

Once the gate is opened, I promise I will not be thrown. I can guarantee you this ride will last a lot longer than 8 seconds, but only if you can stand it. Because no matter how hard you buck, I will only buck and bounce back harder. My mission is to ride you into submission, and to push you into the point of exhaustion. This is a war of attrition, as I am determined to take your best shot and fully prepared to walk through the fires of passion to always cum out on top.

Here and now... I'm issuing a challenge...

Calling on all Cowboys, far and wide. Cum, and see if you can get me off!!!!

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  1. Not much to say about this. But challenge accepted!! Did I get you off? I’m sure I did.

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