The Chloe Chronicles Presents: Things I Love about a Woman

There is something about a woman, a real woman. A woman that turns heads when she walks into a room and leaves a trail of essence behind her. A woman who knows how to garner attention without saying a word... without being flamboyant but simply by being herself - a beautiful, feminine and upscale woman. A woman who carries herself with confidence, style and grace and is armed with infinite elegance and class. The type of woman who can speak with her eyes and communicate through her body language.

The way her smile can light up a room like a lighthouse that brings vision to a vessel at sea. Charm that disarms you and encourages tranquility. A touch that provokes masculinity because it's both gentle and passionate. Skin that is soft yet firm and that begs to be touched. A rapture that dissolves all time and that melts away all the outside world that creates a mental imagery that will last through the test of time. Yes, I love a woman, a real woman. My quest is to make you love one too!

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  1. Chloe, you have shown me exactly what you described in this story. I know for a fact I love you Chloe. The first time I laid eyes on you my heart skipped a beat. I was in Aww of your pure beauty. Then when I saw the full you your skin was begging for my touch and again my heart pounding out of my chest. Can this be real? No one can be this perfect? I must pinch myself because I know I’m dreaming. Nope you was still there even more prettier than as seen in pictures.

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