Nymphomaniac Tendencies No.3: Confessions of a Cocksucker

I must confess l love sucking cock. Everything about it turns me on, pushes my buttons and soaks my panties. Anyone who has scheduled an erotic escapade with me can attest to that truth. The ability to bring an unaroused cock strong and lean in only a matter of seconds is empowering to me. Holding a cock in my hands gives me the sensation of holding a loaded gun with a hairpin trigger that could go off at any moment. Getting down on my knees to get up close and personal. Wrapping my arm around his leg as if it were a passionate embrace of prelude to a long, deep and wet French kiss. As l sample the pre explosion secretion that leaks from his loins, the nymphomaniac is unleashed from her cage, and will not be shackled again until I am completely satisfied. Similar to Dr. Jeykel and Mr. Hyde.

When I lick the head and fondle the boys, l feel as though I hold his destiny in My hands and mouth. Treating the shaft to a nice and sticky back and forth tongue massage. The freak is unleashed and there's no turning back as I engulf his manhood as far as I can possibly manage into the canal of my throat. Leaving trails of cum up and down his shaft with my seductive and firm stroke. Suction is the key as I pull his cock from my tightly pressed lips culminating with the popping sound that attest to suction, leaving a trail of cum that drips from both my lips and his cock, momentarily breaking our xrated union. I love licking the remnants that remains off the shaft and slurping the essence of man before I rush his cock back inside my mouth. Spanking his cock feverishly and repeatedly upon my tongue as his jizz splashes uncontrollably about my mouth. It makes my pussy squelch and my panties soak!

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