Nymphomaniac Tendency No.2: Cock Watching

Being a small business owner can be a bit using at times. Business proposal, market strategies, and deadlines to meet can weigh heavily on my mind. So occasionally I venture away from the jobsite and from away from my home office to get my creative juices flowing and to break the monotony.

Sometimes l like go to my neighborhood park, but more often than not l frequent the nearest Starbucks or Barnes and Nobel's to give myself a different perspective. I like being surrounded by either nature or knowledge. This strategy sometimes backfires because I can also be easily distracted because l also like being surrounded by cocks.

After I've ordered myself a white chocolate mocha With a double shot of espresso and have set up shop at ones of the available tables, l often tend to cock watch.  A naughty nympho tendency that remains my dirty little secret. I sip slowly as i glances over various papers and business portfolios. However I'm often sidetracked by the numerous cocks bouncing from side to side as customers peruse for their favorite literary and listening interest.

I must confess, I'm a bit like the guy who stares at a woman's cleavage before he looks into her eyes. The little nymph inside is compelled to sneak a peek at a random package. It's more intuitive reflex than and sinful curiosity. I often imagine what type of damage these random cocks can inflict and how satisfying they may taste in the back of my throat. I swear I get caught cock watching at least once every outing. Usually by the Owner of the cock that I watched the most intently.

On one occasion this led to a erotic episode in the Barnes and Nobel bathroom, but that's a story I'll go into further detail about later in the next Chloe Chronicles. Needless to say NYMPHOMANIAC TENDENCY NO.2 can lead to a lot more activities besides looking

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