The Chloe Chronicles Presents: Masquerade

I gave myself one last glance into the gigantic 8 foot mirror before me, to admire the beauty of this immaculate Coco Chanel evening gown. I thought to myself you look stunning. With all of the exuberance of high teens heading off to prom l gracefully exited the double doors of the country side villa and made my way inside the rear of the limousine. The handsome chauffeur closed the door behind me as I nestled in next to my prince charming. On the ride over we enjoyed playful conversation over a bottle of Perrier Jolliet and shared more than a few passionate kisses.

As we approached the gates of an impressive estate, my gentleman caller presented me with a masquerade mask. It looked like something from the set of the movie Amadeus. He grabbed my hand and said tonight he wanted me to experience something new and exciting with him. The gravity of the moment sent a rush of adrenaline through me and Goosebumps down my spine.

I'm always game to experience new things. So I grasped his hand and knobbed in agreement. Shortly after the limo stopped, the Chauffeur was assisting me onto the red carpet. As we exited, my date offered me his arm and strolled inside this immaculate palace with mask adorned.

My beau presented our invitation at the door and we waltzed into a sexual Paradise where clothing was optional. There was beautiful bare flesh everywhere. I was almost to embarrassed to open my eyes yet I could not keep them closed. You can't bring a nympho to an event of this nature because she can't control her primal instincts.

My clitoris began to pulsate, as I squeezed my partners hand tighter with each pulse. I grabbed a glass of champagne offered to me by a nude waiter with a thick cock and a sculptured ass that spoke to me without saying a word. I guzzled it down at once. I needed​ something to bring the temperature in the room down but the spirits only served to fuel my fire and intensify my appetite for sexual healing.

My date truly knew who l was and what I would enjoy as he slowly slid the strap of my dress down and whispered in my ear, l thought you might enjoy an evening in with friends. And he smiled, as my gown slipped down to floor and he slithered down with it. His tongue pierced my labia and I quivered in ecstasy. My eyes panned the room and i observed this carnal collage l only became wetter. My gentleman caller recognized the insatiable gaze in my eyes and summoned that hard bodied waiter. He told me to enjoy myself as he nudged me closer to this Greek god.

My instincts activated my slow descent to my knees as I came face to face with two gorgeous cocks that was in desperate need of my immediate attention.

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