The Chloe Chronicles Presents: Taxi Cab Confessions

I stood in a daze while I waited at the baggage claim with thoughts of the lovely flight attendant fresh on my mind. I stared at the conveyor belt aimlessly looking for my Gucci luggage to make its way to me. My bags finally approached and I grabbed them while walking off with a smile on my face thinking to myself how Little Rock is welcoming its newest member to the Mile High Club.

I had a visual flashback of those gorgeous eyes looking back up at me as her tongue massaged my clitoris mile high and deep. That thought alone had my head still in the clouds. I felt as though as I was walking on air as I drug my luggage behind me still in wonderment. I exited the airport through the large, sliding, glass doors and in my peripheral see a cab approach. Surely this is my destiny.

I made my way to the rear passenger side and tugged at the door handle at which point the taxi drive abruptly informed me that I was not his intended passenger. The driver pointed to his windshield to a well dressed gentleman standing on the curb signaling to the him... A case of premature transportation. I politely apologized and exited the cab where I then became face to face with this quite handsome business man. His dark brown eyes and glistening teeth were accented perfectly by his tweed fedora and his salt and pepper goatee.

He gave me a good once over glance and offered to share the taxi with me. I was much obliged . So I ducked back into taxi giving Mr. Business an eye full of ass. I slide over behind the taxi driver and give him a wink while Mr. Businessman nestled in nice and cozy then off we went. Surely there must be a way to thank this cowboy fit saving a damsel in distress.

So I slide off my cashmere sweater and bridged the gap between us. I slithered my hand over to his thigh and issued another wink. He nodded in compliance and my hand traveled further into his nether region. Nice girth, I must confess, l love a thick cock from time to time.

To be continued...

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  1. Shame shame shame, just leave us hanging like that. Lol what’s the rest of the story? We must know!

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