Nymphomaniac Tendency No.6: Highway Head

In true nympho fashion, I never know when the urge to release some sexual tension will surface. Sometimes it’s during a long, hot shower while other times I can be sitting at my office desk working diligently on a project. No matter when that urge hits me, I always manage to find a way to release the built up sexual tension that is dying to be expelled from deep within my pussy. This time, my naughty girl syndrome surfaced on a road trip with my significant other.

While his focus was on the road, my focus was solely on the big bulge beaming from his pants. As my juices started to flow, I glanced over at my companion. While biting my bottom lip I boldly said “Baby, I want to suck your cock and swallow your cum!” He tried to keep his attention on the road as the nympho in me slowly slid my skirt and leopard print satin thongs down my legs. The thought of passerby’s watching us turned me on even more and made our “Highway Head” session that much more erotic.

My legs were spread while I massaged my pussy and clit in a slow, circular motion to get my juices flowing even more than they already were. I could not help myself. There was no waiting until we got home that night. I had to feel his dick throb in my mouth and in the back of my throat at that given moment!

With my legs now spread and my pussy completely soaked, I reached over to unzip his pants. I pulled out his firm, hard cock and started stroking it until some precum surfaced. Normally, I would tease him a little longer before I wrapped my lips around his cock, but I could not resist the urge to suck up what was already dripping from him.

He took one hand off the wheel, placed it on my head and talked dirty to me while shoving my head down on his cock, as he knows that is my weakness… Suck my hard cock. I missed your mouth baby. Suck me harder. Make me shoot my warm load down the back of your throat.

When I felt the vein in his cock pulsate in my mouth, I thrusted his cock deeper and harder. At that moment, I felt the warm explosion trickle down the back of my throat with only remnants of his cum left on my lips and chin. He moaned in pure exhaustion and sexual bliss as I took one final suck to savor every drop of his Peak of Pleasure!

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  1. A lady/wife that knows what she wants . He love her with every fiber of his body.

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