Monthly Archives: February 2013

Nymphomaniac Tendencies No.3: Confessions of a Cocksucker

I must confess l love sucking cock. Everything about it turns me on, pushes my buttons and soaks my panties. Anyone who has scheduled an erotic escapade with me can attest to that truth. The ability to bring an unaroused cock strong and lean in only a matter of seconds is empowering to me. Holding…
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Nymphomaniac Tendency No.2: Cock Watching

Being a small business owner can be a bit using at times. Business proposal, market strategies, and deadlines to meet can weigh heavily on my mind. So occasionally I venture away from the jobsite and from away from my home office to get my creative juices flowing and to break the monotony. Sometimes l like go…
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Nymphomaniac Tendency No.1: Self-Indulgence

I must confess that mind of nymphomaniac is a complicated one. A constant compulsion dwells at the base of my being. A compulsion that turns an ordinary situation into a sexual one. Reading a romantic novel can quickly turn into a wet and slippery episode if l allow myself to become too involved with sultry…
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